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What is Trading Paints Downloader and why do I need to use it?
How can I make sure other drivers can see my custom paint?
Where do I get the Trading Paints Downloader program to install on my computer?
Does Trading Paints Downloader contain viruses or malware?
What are the system requirements for Trading Paints Downloader?
What should I do if Trading Paints Downloader will not install correctly?
Does downloading paints affect my computer’s performance or frame rates?
Can I leave Trading Paints Downloader running at all times?
I heard someone mention “Ctrl + R”. What does that mean?
How can I uninstall Trading Paints Downloader from my computer?
I uninstalled Trading Paints Downloader but I still see custom paints. How can I remove the remaining files from my computer?
What do these Trading Paints Downloader error messages mean?
What do these Trading Paints Downloader options mean?
What should I do if I see “Waiting for Connection”?
When I restart my computer, Trading Paints says an update is required. How do I fix this?
Why are cars appearing plain white on the track?
My paint shows up all-black in iRacing. How can I fix this?
Other drivers see my custom paints but I do not see them. What should I do?
How do I see my paints from Trading Paints in the iRacing 3D car viewer?
How can I enable spec maps in iRacing if I do not see them?
How can I see Custom Number paints when I race?
How do I completely close the Trading Paints Downloader?
Is Trading Paints compatible with OneDrive?
My Trading Paints Downloader is not updating. What should I do?
Which domains and URLs should I allow through my firewall for proper operation of the Trading Paints Downloader?
What can I do if I see the wrong paints on other cars?
Saving Trading Paints Downloader activity output
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