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What should I do if I want to upload a paint but not let anyone else race with it?

There are two different ways to upload paints to Trading Paints:

  • Paints uploaded to My Paints are only browsable by you. My Paints lists the paints that will appear on your cars in iRacing. If you have a paint for your own personal use, upload it to My Paints.

  • Paints uploaded to the Showroom are publicly viewable. If you upload a paint to the Showroom, other drivers can see your work, which is why screenshots, a title, and a description are required. By default, uploading your paint to the Showroom means you are giving other iRacing drivers permission to race with it.

If you do not wish for other drivers to race with your paint, upload to My Paints.

If you want to share your designs for others to race, upload to the Showroom.