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Submitting a Paint Builder project to the Showroom

If you want to share your completed Paint Builder creation with fellow racers for their own on-track glory behind the wheel of your custom-designed paint, you can submit your project to the Trading Paints Showroom.

When you’re finished designing your masterpiece, from the project editor screen, select the Share menu and choose Submit to Showroom.

Your project’s paint file will be sent over to the Upload a paint screen in the Showroom where you can complete the fields to share your creation with other Trading Paints users.

Be sure to include accurate screenshots and pictures of your car so others can know how your work of art looks on the actual car in iRacing!

Showroom submissions are created at the current state of your project. If you make changes to your Paint Builder project, those changes won’t be reflected in the Showroom unless you submit the paint again. That’s why we always recommend waiting to submit to the Showroom when your project is completed.