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Using share codes in Paint Builder

Paint Builder offers a simple and unique way to share user-uploaded logos and layers with other Paint Builder users through share codes on the My Uploads screen.

Share codes are useful for distributing anything from logos, special team graphics, league decals, to even custom lights & decal packages.

It’s as simple as copying and pasting a code.

Sharing Paint Builder logos with other users

You can share an uploaded logo or layer with other Paint Builder users by copying and sharing the share code from the My Upload screen.

  • On a Paint Builder project editor screen, select My Uploads.

  • Click the menu on the logo or layer you wish to share.

  • Click Share Code.

  • Copy the share code that appears and distribute it how you’d like, whether that’s sending it to another Paint Builder user, posting it on the iRacing forums, or sharing it on your own social pages or website.

With this share code, another Paint Builder user can enter the code on their My Uploads screen in Paint Builder to gain access to the logo or layer you shared. They’ll then be able to use that item in their projects.

Entering a share code from another Paint Builder user

If someone has shared a Paint Builder logo share code with you, you’ll be able to use that logo or layer in your Paint Builder projects after entering the code on your My Uploads screen.

  • On a Paint Builder project editor screen, select My Uploads.

  • In the bottom-left corner of the window, select Enter Code.

  • Paste or enter the share code you were provided.

Once you enter a valid share code, you’ll gain access to insert that logo or layer in any of your Paint Builder projects through your My Uploads screen.

Paint Builder share code reminders

There are a few considerations to keep in mind when using share codes on Paint Builder logos and layers:

  • If a share code has been entered by someone else, the original uploader can’t revoke the recipient’s access to the logo or layer.

  • If the original uploader deletes a logo or layer shared via share code, it will be removed from any recipient’s My Uploads screen — but it won’t be removed from their projects if they’ve already inserted the layer onto their project.

  • The recipient of a share code can share the code with other users if they wish, but the original uploader will still be noted as such.

  • Original uploaders are not notified when someone enters a share code.

  • Like any logos or items in the My Uploads screen, shared items can be used in any Paint Builder project — not just the project where you first entered the code.

  • Only one logo or layer can be shared at a time; currently, we don’t support a way of adding multiple logos with one share code.

  • Using a share code does not include any positioning information — in other words, if you’re using share codes for things like light or grille decals, the recipient will need to manually place (and potentially size) the layer themselves.