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Paint Builder keyboard shortcuts

Use these keyboard shortcuts to work faster in Paint Builder.

1 Toggle Car Mask Guide

2 Toggle Wireframe Guide

3 Toggle Sponsor Block Guide

4 Toggle Number Block Guide

5 Toggle Grid Guide

DELETE Delete Layer

ENTER Complete Drawing

T Insert Text

S Insert Graphics

L Insert Logo

B Insert Base Paint

H Hide Transformer (hold key)

P Sim Preview

Move Layer Up

Move Layer Down

Move Layer Left

Move Layer Right

Shift ↑ 10× Move Layer Up

Shift ↓ 10× Move Layer Down

Shift ← 10× Move Layer Left

Shift → 10× Move Layer Right

Shift + Zoom In

Shift - Zoom Out

Shift 9 Zoom To Fit

Shift 0 Zoom To 100%

Shift D Default Mouse Mode

Shift B Brush Drawing Mode

Shift R Rectangle Drawing Mode

Shift C Circle Drawing Mode

Shift E Ellipse Drawing Mode

Shift S Star Drawing Mode

Shift G Ring Drawing Mode

Shift O Regular-Polygon Drawing Mode

Shift W Wedge Drawing Mode

Shift A Arc Drawing Mode

Shift P Polygon Drawing Mode

Shift L Line Drawing Mode

Shift > Arrow Drawing Mode

Ctrl/Meta C Copy Layer To Clipboard

Ctrl/Meta V Paste Copied Paint Builder Layer From Clipboard

Ctrl/Meta Z Undo Action

Ctrl/Meta Y Redo Action

Ctrl/Meta J Clone Layer

Ctrl/Meta [ Move Layer Order Lower

Ctrl/Meta ] Move Layer Order Up

Alt/Option ← Rotate Canvas Left

Alt/Option → Rotate Canvas Right

Alt/Option + Mouse Drag Clone & Move Layer