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How do I make my Collection AI-ready?

If you've created a Collection containing vehicles that can be used as AI cars in iRacing, you can mark your Collection as AI-ready. AI-ready Collections can be used and exchanged as AI carsets (rosters) in iRacing.

To make your Collection AI-ready:

  • Ensure all the vehicles in your Collection can be used as AI cars.

  • Edit the Collection by clicking on the Collection and pressing the Edit button under the description.

  • On the Edit Collection screen, press the "Make AI Carset" button under the description.

  • If you accidentally left any non-AI-compatible cars on your Collection, they will be highlighted so you can remove them from the Collection before you can proceed. Save changes if necessary.

  • After pressing the Make AI Carset button, you should see a name, car number, and qualities appear for each driver. Complete each of these sections for each driver as you see fit, avoiding duplicate names and car numbers.

  • Press Save Changes to commit changes to the Collection.

After following these steps, your Collection should now be ready for use as an AI Carset in iRacing. Favorite the Collection to begin using it as a selectable roster in the iRacing Beta UI.