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Using league-specific paints

To use a special paint for league races, select a vehicle from your My Paints screen, scroll to the “For my leagues and series” section, then select the applicable options for the league.

You don’t need to assign a paint specifically for a league; your primary custom paint will appear in league races. The league paint options allow you to override your primary custom paint for the league if you wish.

If your league isn’t displaying in My Paints

If you cannot see your league or series on your Leagues tab on the Your Paints page, ensure:

  • The league is registered as an official iRacing league

  • The league is viewable to all iRacing members (i.e. not Private)

  • There is at least one event scheduled for the future

  • It has been at least 24 hours since you created the league

League listings are updated on Trading Paints daily. Only leagues that satisfy all of the above requirements can be detected and added. If you need to race a specific paint in a league race and the league does not appear, assign the custom paint to your primary custom paint slot at the top of the My Paints screen.

League events organized through iRacing’s Hosted Racing screen do not apply to the Trading Paints league options.