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Inserting a Base Paint pattern

You can select one of iRacing’s provided Base Paint pattern layers on your Paint Builder project and customize the colors and appearance to create your own look.

In the project editor’s tools menu, click Base Paints to open the list of available paint patterns, then select your desired pattern to add it to your project.

The Base Paints appear in bright red, green, and blue colors in the menu, but don’t worry — it’s easy to change the colors after selecting a pattern.

After adding the Base Paint, look for the Base Paint section at the bottom of the layers list. You’ll see three newly-inserted Base Pattern layers. Click one of the layers to edit it, changing the colors and settings in the sidebar properties panel.

Base Paint Tips:

  • You can insert multiple Base Paint patterns on a project. That means you can mix and match different patterns. Try taking one layer from one pattern and then another layer from a different pattern to make a truly unique look. Drag and drop layers in the Base Paint section of the layers list to change how the Base Paint layers are stacked.

  • After you insert a Base Paint, Base Pattern 1, normally the red-colored layer, often fills the main portion of the car, making your car’s background color invisible. If you prefer to use the car’s background color, you can hide or delete Base Pattern 1, or change Base Pattern 1’s color to something else.