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About Legacy projects in Paint Builder

Projects created in an old version of Paint Builder before the start of iRacing Season 3 2023 are marked with a Legacy tag on the My Projects screen.

Legacy Paint Builder projects have some limitations compared to newly-created projects, including:

  • 1024×1024 pixel template resolution (new projects are 2048×2048 resolution, the highest quality allowed by iRacing)

  • Less flexibility in resizing existing layers like logos, graphics, shapes, and text

  • Existing text layers are not editable (but new text can be added)

  • Limited availability of Base Paints (only those that were available in the legacy version of Paint Builder can be accessed)

We recommend you discontinue using Legacy projects and create new projects so you can take full advantage of all modern Paint Builder features.

At a point in the future, Legacy projects will be fully deprecated.

If you have Legacy projects you don’t want to see or delete, you can hide them from the My Projects screen by selecting the Hide Legacy option.